Air Conditioned Advantage

The desert heat can destroy furniture, pictures, holiday items, and many other valuables. Keep your items safe from the hot desert summers in our Air Conditioned units. True Air Conditioning will stop heat related damage.

Many facilities advertise “Climate Control” and/or “Air Cooling”, however, most of these companies use Evaporative Coolers which are NOT the same as Air Conditioning. Evaporative coolers are also known as “Swamp Coolers” and with good reason. Swamp Coolers create a “swamp-like” atmosphere by blowing damp and humid air throughout the inside of the building. This type of cooling does very little to protect the items in a storage unit from the heat. In some cases, this type of cooling actually causes damage to your items by creating excessive moisture.

Make sure you keep your valuables in a truly Air Conditioned unit!

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